Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Katz Bag Tag Dance by Sports Katz

Katz Bag Tag Dance
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The Katz Bag Tag Dance has existed for quite a while in one kind or some other and for the majority of those several years, there has never been one which actually came up in close proximity to living up to the hype the companies reported in all of their promoting. Nonetheless we've spent actually vast amounts every year on them just to find yourself tossing them in a cabinet or even a closet disappointed.

At manufacturer we investigated what was taking place and the huge number of dissatisfied folks who had been acquiring them. It brought us to consider that someone simply had to generally transform the Katz Bag Tag Dance. Even so, we made the decision that there have been currently adequate sub-standard merchandise available and when we were gonna do it, we were going to do it correctly, we are ecstatic to express that we have formulated the very best products you may buy everywhere.

As we redid the Katz Bag Tag Dance, we attempted to add the features which numerous others are missing. This is what we believe it requires to be the top in the market and we will never settle for anything less. We produce each one of our merchandise to the maximum standards due to the fact we realize that you expect nothing less thinking that if you are planning to pay your money on a awesome product, you don't want to squander it. What you need is to find a product that is going to offer you authentic bang for your buck and we are sure that you will find our new version will do this for you.

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Katz Bag Tag Dance

Embroidered sport bag tags with pvc cord, rectangle tag 4.5"W x 2.5"H, circle tag 5" diameter.  Katz Exclusive!

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  • Embroidered sport
  • PVC cord
  • Choose from 4.5"W x 2.5"H rectangle or 5" Circle
  • Address card on back


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