Saturday, December 3, 2011

Set/3 Mr&Mrs Luggage Tags from Lillian Rose Collection

Set/3 Mr&Mrs Luggage Tags
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At this time we are truly excited to be able to launch to you our Set/3 Mr&Mrs Luggage Tags. we are certain that our newest item shall be everything you ever wanted in one of such products and more. While you are going to discover that there are other companies that develop something comparable, if you want the very best you then do not need to look any further as this one coming from manufacturer is far greater than anything else presently in the marketplace.

We know that you have likely been anticipating a Set/3 Mr&Mrs Luggage Tags that is as loaded with great features just like ours is for several years and now we can finally tell you your wait has ended. After you have taken some time to consider the many other products that are available and found that in just one manner or another, these usually appear to be less than perfect, you will end up thrilled to discover we have bundled every one of the features which you have been searching for which the other companies just never take the trouble to include.

Once this has managed to capture your interest, then you are genuinely going to really like the reality that not only have we managed to create precisely what may be the absolute best Set/3 Mr&Mrs Luggage Tags available, but we have accomplished something that the other manufacturers will not dare try. we have cut the price to the bone so you definitely will get the very best deal on the market.

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Set/3 Mr&Mrs Luggage Tags

These 3 white leatherette luggage tags offer a fun way to identify your luggage for the honeymoon. Each measures 2.5" x 5". Black embroidery is used to identify the tags as "Mr.," "Mrs." and "More Mrs." On the other side of each tag is a clear window with an I.D. card to be filled out. The card gives room to fill in your Name, Address, Phone and Email. Also available in a "Let the Fun Begin" version.

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